Dr. Fredrik Westin
Founder of KTH Formula Student - Turbocharger engineer at Scuderia Ferrari F1

"Formula student var det i särklass roligaste under hela studietiden. Det gav mycket nyttiga erfarenheter av hur man pragmatiskt måste få ett helt projekt att gå ihop, samt hur man ställer upp konstruktionsproblem fritt, utan att ha en färdigkomponerad uppgift."

Nikolaos Apostolopoulos
Motor control engineer at Arrival
"I was member of the KTH FS for the year 2013-2014 as head student of the Motor Control team. [...] The unique experience of developing and executing performance tests on our high power motors, together with my previous involvement in the Shell Eco Marathon team of the NTUA, helped me obtain an internship at Tesla Motors, California. [...] My next step was to join McLaren in the UK as a motor control engineer in the motorsports division, were I developed advanced controls for the F1 hybrid system, the Formula-E electric powertrain and the hybrid McLaren supercars.Just a few months ago, I joined a start-up company in the UK, Arrival (related to Roborace) in order to support their innovative powertrain designs."
Santi Costa Anglada
Chassis Design Engineer at Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (MotoGP)

"I had a great time in KTH Formula Student. The good thing about being part of the team is you work with people that share the same passion for racing and engineering.

Formula Student has definitely shaped who I am and how I work, which is reflected in my everyday job. It’s a must-join for students with a racing mind-set, and want to dedicate their careers in the automotive industry."

Alejandro Lorente
Manufacturing Engineer at Gordon Murray Design
"As a student, it is the best opportunity to see both theoretical and practical knowledge applied together; as well as understanding the basic principles of a car design. Working with KTH Formula Student was a great experience."
Markus Bölander
Function Owner - Autonomous Drive at CEVT
"Formula Student gave me invaluable hands-on experience which the ordinary curriculum did not provide. This was recognized by the industry and leveraged me into the automotive industry when I had finished my degree."
Ji Yin
Research assistant in Robotic Manipulations and Mobility Lab at Columbia University in the City of New York
"It was my pleasure working towards a great engineering goal with intelligent and like-minded engineers. The experience I gained from KTH Formula Student projects was a great complement to the University degree."
Kavithasan Patkunam
Aircraft Cabin Design Integration Engineer for A350 XWB at Airbus and Creative Artist at Render Perfect
"Working with KTHFS helped me to understand the crucial role of an Engineer to design a viable component that fits and works as it should in a complicated machine such as a race vehicle. Being part of the aerodynamics team, I learnt to design and manufacture the bodywork, undertray and the nose of eV12 during the 2015-2016 season. Skills in areas such as concept development, design and integration that I learnt from KTHFS, are being used everyday at my workplaces both at Airbus and at Render Perfect EU."
Max Ahlberg
Project Manager at KTH Formula student 2017/18 - Autonomous Drive engineer at Einride
"To be able to look up from the books and apply one’s knowledge of theory in reality has helped me start my work life with experience. It was also the path into companies which previously I could only dream of."
Simon Poiret
Project Manager at KTH Formula student 2014/15 - Engine Designer, Race - and development engineer for Formula 2 and Formula 3.
"Working in collaboration in a multi cultural environment - has been of great help in my career so far. On a day to day basis, the spirit of making data driven decisions at every step of your design and setup process is crucial. Got that in KTH FS, never dropped it. Having a formula student experience on your resume is one of those things that make your resume stand out. Employers receive tens of resume from engineers applying for a first job. They all have similar school curriculum. You need something to stand out in a good way. KTH Formula Student gets you an interview."
Andrea Macaluso
R&D vehicle dynamics at Lamborghini
"The experience has been of great value for me, not only because I learned a lot to work in a real big team with a common purpose, but even for the knowledge acquired during the few month while I was working on the project. This experience has been greatly valued by my current employ, Lamborghini, where I have pursued my master Thesis, since almost all my current colleagues are former formula student members in several different teams in Europe."
Rimmie Duraisamy
Test Engineer at GKN ePowertrain
"KTH FS was a platform where I could apply my learnings to practical use. In nutshell, it has helped me significantly in my career today as it involved being a part of product development from brainstorming design ideas, analyzing and verifying them to manufacturing and assembling; finally building an electric car and testing it. It involved working in a team consisting of students from various disciplines, coming together and being a part of something bigger."